Facebook is bad.

Also, golf is bad. And SUVs are bad. ICE is really bad. But that doesn't mean it's wrong to call out Facebook.

About Malicious.Technology

Hello, my name is Max.

I am not an "edgy hacker" type. I bought this domain name because I thought it would be a good name for a diaspora* pod and Hubzilla hub. I thought about having it forward directly to facebook.com but I decided that was unfair: at the time, I believed that I'd much rather visit a site called malicious.technology or even x86_64.virus than facebook.com, and as a general rule I believe that it's bad etiquette for a shady domain to forward to an even shadier domain.

My views have since evolved. In light of recent revelations of its contempt for privacy, culture of corruption, and role in electing a fascist president of the United States -- and after learning that teens don't think Facebook is cool -- I decided to create a Facebook account because the world is so fucked why wouldn't I want to spend time interacting with malware that looks like a hospital bill but whose layout is designed to keep you to keep clicking on it? And to let all the Internet equivalent of 4wheelers on Facebook know that there is a better way: The Fediverse and The Federation. I don't know how to let The Fed know that full employment and rising wages and NGDP targeting are all good things but I don't see how creating a Facebook account could get in the way of that goal.

Join my Hubzilla hub or say hi. Or go get some fresh air and if you're in the US knock on doors for candidates running in the only effective anti-fascist party, the Democratic Party. If you are a Democrat abroad, I'm working on a tool for you, just as soon as I get access to VAN it will be ready.


Hubzilla: max@hub.malicious.technology | mdunitz (at) alum (dot) mit (dot) edu | that blue-and-white social network that looks like a summons to appear in a food court | @maxdunitz